What's BAEzies?

Why BAEzies?

Quality: We use the best fabrics and highest quality materials. We want you to love wearing our products. Our shirts are made from blended fabrics that feel amazing to wear and will last.

We are a small family owned and operated business, we want to bring you closer together thru wearing matching/custom apparel.

Free Shipping. We have you covered and will get it to you at no additional cost.

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Baezies-As Seen On TV

Watch Baezies and our adorable matching Grandparents that were featured on TV!

Baezies 1st appearance on TV Good Day Sacramento:


Watch cute Grandparents here on CBS13:


Watch here for Inside Edition:


We were inspired to start Baezies because of our adorable grandparents!


Katrina, Rocklin, CA

Katrina and her husband were inspired to re-visit their wedding location after purchasing shirts with the coordinates of their wedding #romantic

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